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brooklyn dark chocolate

Why use Hemp as an ingredient?
Hemp seeds are a nearly perfect food source.  High in digestible protein, healthy omega essential fatty acids (EFAs) and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, hemp seeds are also free of gluten and other common allergens, such as those found in soy, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts. Hemp is a sustainable, environmentally friendly super-food, a “wonder crop”, which needs no herbicides or pesticides to glow abundantly.

Why gluten-free?
Gluten intolerance is a widespread food allergy and some chocolates include ingredients containing gluten – such as wheat and flour – as fillers. Brooklyn Dark eschews gluten, as well as peanuts and tree nuts, which could exacerbate allergic reactions.




Why Organic?
Organic cocoa is free of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. While it’s more difficult and expensive to source organic chocolate, we at Brooklyn Dark wish to support a more sustainable, environmentally friendly form of agriculture, as well as smaller and independent cocoa farmers.

Why no milk?
Cow’s milk is great for baby cattle, not so much for humans. Products made with cow’s milk are high in cholesterol and fat and contain no fiber. Brooklyn Dark will never have dairy products in our chocolates. Milk does NOT do a body good.


Why vegan?
Ever heard of the statement “no animals were harmed during the making of this _______
(motion picture)?” That’s true of our chocolate, and we take it a step further by refusing to include any animal ingredient, by-product, or secretion!

Why artisanal?
Brooklyn Dark is hand-made in small batches. Our “manufacturing” process preserves the fine art of handmade chocolate and pays a living wage to our people. We believe you can taste the difference too!